YouTube | TWITCH | Exceptions

 In addition to YouTube, I am allowing people to use my music in their livestreams on sites like Twitch & Mixer. In order to abide by this license I ask for a few things in return. Let's lay things out in a clear, concise manner.  

Specifically, I am giving & Livestreamers the permission to do the following:

  • You may use the music as background music or as part of your own creative stream without being required to pay any performance royalties.

  • You may use the music in commercial or noncommercial streams on YouTube, Twitch, or any other streaming service that does not produce profits from music plays. If you're looking to use the music outside of,, or YouTube, contact me.

This license does not give you permission to do the following:

  • You cannot stream the music without adding your own creative content.

  • You cannot claim the music as your own.

  • You cannot use the music in any livestreaming event outside of or without the express permission of Approaching Nirvana.

  • You cannot sell the music.

  • You cannot use any remixes, mashups, parodies, cover instrumentals or tracks signed to other labels. (See Exceptions below)

To use Approaching Nirvana music during a livestream, all I ask is the following:

  • Purchase the music legally

  • Credit by name (Approaching Nirvana)

  • Place a link to my Spotify Artist Page in the description of your stream (preferrably a shortened link via

  • If text credit in the description is unavailable, a verbal credit to your viewers or on screen "Now playing" credit is appreciated

Here's a template that you can use for the text in your livestream description:

Music by Approaching Nirvana
Check out Approaching Nirvana on Spotify:

Lastly, there are a few of my songs that you should NOT use in your content for various reasons. Please refer to the Exceptions Page for specifics!

And that's it! I love supporting online communities and I do my best to continue the commitment to make my music available for use within Twitch, Mixer, & other streaming services.