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There are a few songs I've released over the last 10 years that are NOT covered under my license. A general rule of thumb is to NOT use remixes & label releases. Below you can find a detailed list of every song that is not covered under the license. 

Again, DO NOT use a these tracks in your videos/streams - if you choose to do so, I am not responsible for any copyright issues that may arise as a result. This is because I cannot guarantee they will be 100% copyright free. This list is kept up-to-date with each new release.

  • Will Rain - Approaching Nirvana

  • Will Rain (Extended Mix) - Approaching Nirvana

  • Subliminal Message Continuous Mix - Approaching Nirvana

  • Worth a Thousand Pictures - Approaching Nirvana

  • Worth a Thousand Pictures (Extended Mix) - Approaching Nirvana

  • Lapse in Time Continuous Electronic Mix - Approaching Nirvana

  • Approaching Nirvana vs Morgan Page (ft. Lissie) - The Longest Beer [Mashup]

  • Arrow In The Knee (Dubstep Parody) [feat. TryHardNinja] - Approaching Nirvana

  • Fallen Kingdom (Approaching Nirvana Remix) - TryHardNinja

  • Fallen Kingdom (Approaching Nirvana Extended Remix) - TryHardNinja

  • Minecraft Style Remix - Approaching Nirvana

  • Take Back the Night (Approaching Nirvana Remix)

  • Take Back the Night (Approaching Nirvana Extended Remix)

  • Survive the Night (feat. Aureylian)

  • Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) [Approaching Nirvana Remix]

  • Darude Sandstorm (Approaching Nirvana 2015 Remix)

  • Approaching Nirvana - Witnessed [Ninety9Lives Release]

  • Approaching Nirvana - To See You [Ninety9Lives Release]

  • Approaching Nirvana - Dare [Ninety9Lives Release]

  • Fallout 4 Remix (War Never Changes) - Approaching Nirvana

  • The Approaching Nirvana Legacy Collection

  • Savlonic - Hi-Lights (Approaching Nirvana Remix)

  • Approaching Nirvana - S18

  • Star Wars Remix

  • Super Mario 64 Bob-Omb Battlefield Remix

  • Avengers Remix

  • Westworld Remix

  • Jurassic Park Remix

  • Hollywood Principle - Colors (Approaching Nirvana Remix)

  • Mission Impossible Remix

  • Final Fantasy VII JENOVA Remix

  • Red Dead Redemption Remix

  • Harry Potter Remix

  • Approaching Nirvana & Alex Holmes - Darkness Comes [NCS Release]

  • Approaching Nirvana - Keystone [Arcadium Release] - Note: They have their own license

  • Approaching Nirvana & TryHardNinja - Revenge (Remix)

Here is a playlist with ALL the songs that are 100% safe to use.