Approaching Nirvana



Approaching Nirvana is the experience of life, through music. Melodic vibes combine with energetic rhythms combine together to tell you a store and take you on a journey.

Approaching Nirvana launched in 2009 when Andrew Sinclair & Sam Willson collaborated on a song via Instant Messenger. Their energetic and emotional brand of electronic music captivated millions of listeners before they even met.

In 2010, television networks began to feature Approaching Nirvana’s music (MTV, VH1, PBS, HGTV, E!, GOLF Channel, Oxygen, Oprah Winfrey Network, TV Guide Network, Smithsonian Channel) as they developed their sound and began posting tracks on YouTube. Approaching Nirvana is also the artist-of-choice for the YouTube gaming community to use in their videos.

Through the support and enthusiasm of their fans, Andrew and Sam met in Miami in 2012 and finally produced in the same studio. They soon charted at #1 on Bandcamp (#1 Independent Musician Sales Platform), hit #4 on iTunes (electronic genre), and consistently chart in the top 200. They also won two prestigious competitions: remixing for Nick Carter’s “I’m Taking Off” and LIGHTS’ “Everybody Breaks a Glass.”

Between 2011-15, Approaching Nirvana produced 12 albums, including fan favorites like Not Even Once and ANimals.

In 2015, Sam left Approaching Nirvana to pursue other ventures in the music industry. Andrew took sole ownership of Approaching Nirvana, and in 2015 he created its second Kickstarter and raised over $32,000 to produce a full-blown orchestral/cinematic album. This album, Cinematic Soundscapes Volume 2 released in December.

As a well-known artist in the YouTube gaming community, Approaching Nirvana has DJ’d around the world for parties at major conventions such as Minecon (London/Orlando), PAX Prime (Seattle), PAX East (Boston), PAX South (San Antonio), as well as various venues in Miami, Reno, and Salt Lake City, opening for Elephante and Bright Lights.

Andrew released his first solo EDM effort - an EP titled Exhilarate - under the name Approaching Nirvana in June 2016. Approaching Nirvana continues to push the EDM genre forward, melding new sounds and melodies to bring to bring people across the world together through music.